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When was the last time you updated your headshots?

You've worked hard to build your career, and you deserve to have high-quality headshots that show you as the professional you are-images that can help you boost your professional and online profile. Just $390! Keep reading for more info.

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Complimentary Hair & Makeup Included

Professional Posing Guidance

High-Quality Editing & Image Retouching

The Details

Here's Exactly What You're Getting With This Special Offer

  • Hair & Makeup

    Receive professional hair & makeup

  • Expert Posing Guidance

    Complete instructions on how to pose

  • Multiple Wardrobe Changes

    Tips on what to wear for your shoot

  • 60-Minute Session

    Professional headshot photoshoot

  • 2 High-Resolution Photos

    Choose two and add on additional favorites

  • Image Selection & Ordering

    Order your favorite images

Two images included in session fee. Additional images can be purchased.

That's over $690 total of value-yours for just $390.

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5 spots available

July 16th only

photos your proud of

This offer is a limited only. We can only take on a handful of clients at a time, so make sure to ACT fast!

High-Quality Professional Headshots

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    Adrienne will reach out to you to discuss the session, your needs, and wardrobe tips.  We'll set you up with everything you need to walk into your session with confidence!

  • Your Session Day

    After the completion of your hair and makeup, you will start your 1-hour headshot session. This includes a 45-minute photo shoot and a 15-minute photo selection and ordering. 

  • Your Photos

    Your selected two high-resolution photos and any additional purchases will be sent for retouching and you'll receive them within 1 week unless otherwise specified during your initial consultation call. 

100% Risk Free!

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We've Been Providing Incredible Headshots for Professionals over the last 11 Years

Hi! Adrienne and Melissa here, Owners of Electric Love Studios.

We know how hard it is to get to where you want to be. We also know how much work was put in to get to where you are now. It's important for us to see professionals look the part and rise above their competition. Mostly because we understand the sweat, stress, and tears that come with the journey of success. You've travelled the long journey from pinching pennies to investing in your future. That's worth celebrating!

About This Special Headshot Mini-Marathon

 We're offering this Headshot Mini Marathon opportunity to professionals who want authentic photos that reflect the professionality they offer their clients and/or employer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Headshot Session Last?

What if I don't want hair and makeup?

Do You Retouch Images?

Are Images Included?

To start, I'm a guy, and not of the age where taking selfies is part of my daily life. So when it came to creating a business-appropriate headshot, being in front of a camera, having to pose, having any idea of "my good side", was an unnatural and foreign concept to me. Despite my awkwardness, Adrienne knew what needed to be done. She coached, gave good direction, kept the experience positive, infused creativity, made the shoot enjoyable, and most importantly created an end product that I was proud to put out into the world. Can't thank her enough.

Kevin C.

When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Headshots?

The right headshot can help boost your career and expand your professional profile.

All Sales Are Final And Non-Refundable
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