• A discovery consultation to understand what’s truly important to in your business as well as for your ideal client
• Your in-studio photo session
• A cinematic reveal and design consultation to review 15-25 of the best photographs from your session.
• Natural retouching of your photographs
• At the end of the session you’ll have an opportunity to purchase any additional items that you love Your first photograph is included in your initial fee of $199 to book the sesssion!

Your session fee includes:

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$199 reservation deposit that covers your first retouched photo!


photo reveal



A cinematic presentation of
15-20 photographs showcasing your various expressions and poses.

Your exciting photographic session!
Each session typically lasts about 1 hour.

We learn about you, your career, your business, message, and future aspirations. 

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Maybe you’re not a business owner and you’re thinking about entering the dating world again and looking for a new photograph to give a great first impression. A headshot session is a perfect way to not only present yourself, but boost your confidence. You’ll find the process of preparing for your photoshoot will help you discover your strengths and the things you love about yourself the most! 

 Headshot Photographer
in New Jersey

Authentic headshot photography

When a client calls and asks for “Just a headshot," they quickly discover how much more meaningful it is. Your clients, patients, or future employers are making a choice based upon an impression they get of your image. Your headshot allows people the freedom to trust you with their money, laugh with you, be your friend, allow you to operate on them, eat at your restaurant, accept your bid, give you the leading role, feel comfortable telling you about their private matters, or depend on you to fix their car. We personalize headshots for New Jersey layers, doctors, actors, actresses, models, business owners, chefs, financial advisors, therapists, consultants, realtors, politicians, mechanics, counselors, interior designers, authors, reality stars, and many more. Let us create your branding assets to take your business growth to the next level! 

Fast Turnaround Headshots

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On Location Headshots

If you’re in business, you know the the exact value of your time as it relates to money. Our process is incredibly efficient, to the point, and delivers a variety of impactful looks for your business marketing and digital media needs. We’ve discover exactly what your clients need to know about you to make your headshot photo effective and produce the results you’re looking for! 

Our luxurious loft studio is equipped for all of your portrait, headshot, family, boudoir, and even pet photo needs! We are located in downtown Caldwell, NJ. Our layout is built for quick reveal sessions so that you’re not left waiting to see your photos! We’ll guide you through the process in making sure your photos will be effecting for your business needs. 

If your project involves a corporate team, or a remote location, we are mobile and can bring the studio to you! We’ll discuss a plan of action and a schedule that works for your company to accommodate all of your staff.

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Electric Love Studios is a professional headshot studio serving Northern, NJ, West Caldwell, NJ, Caldwell, NJ, Morristown, NJ, Essex Fells, NJ, Montclair, NJ and Morris Plains, NJ. Specializing in headshot photography sessions that match your professionalism, values, and quality.