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Personalized Couples Sessions


Forever Sessions

If an engagement session is what you're looking for, you're in the right place. Yes, we do photograph engagements, but in an even better, more meaningful way. Essentially, what we call a "Forever Session" is what most people call an engagement session. When you really take a minute to think about it, your couples photo session is way more than just celebrating an engagement. Personally, we believe that celebration of engagement comes to fruition as the wedding. We’re not thinking about making photographs that say, "We're engaged!" rather, we’re driven to make photographs that say, "We will love each other, forever and here's why." It's a true testament to who you are together, for each other and with each other. It could be a recreated date, dinner at your favorite restaurant, hanging out with your pets or just sharing love notes with one another on your couch. It's whatever means something to you. It's not about the leaves changing colors or the perfect matching outfits. We tell authentic stories about your love.

Our Love Story Package is the ultimate combo of photos and video to document whats unique about your relationship!

Love Story

By now you may have figured out Melissa is the awesome videographer of, Electric Love Films. We have been working together since 2011 and finally decided to start offering our combined services. Enough of the background, here's what we do. While we're capturing your session, we swap back and forth taking the lead. Our end product is a 1-minute highlight video including interviews and storyline while featuring key photos from the session. Package options are available for different ways to display the photographs as prints or wall art. Words, however, don't do it justice. It's a great way to amp up your wedding guests before you enter the room. It's definitely a fun way to share your story on Instagram, Facebook, or your wedding website. Most importantly, it's awesome to look back on when you need a reminder, pick me up, or a moment to quickly brighten your day.