Man proposes to his girlfriend on a Sailing Islander private sailboat on the Hudson river with a sunset behind them.

NYC Boat Proposals

Sailing Proposal Photographer 

Are you planning to propose while sailing on the Hudson River? We are your go-to photographers for unique proposals in Jersey City! Electric Love Studios has partnered up with Sailing Islander NYC, which provides incredible luxury yacht tours out of Jersey City around NYC. Proposing on a boat is exciting and different from the norm... it's truly a unique NYC proposal idea! You'll be sure to impress your partner with this private excursion along the NYC Skyline but even more so when they see that ring! As your sailing photographer, we will work together to create and plan the perfect engagement setting for you. Since we want to keep your surprise a secret, I will be playing the part of a crew member on the boat. When you’re ready to pop the question, I'll move like a ninja to get in position with my camera! With indoor events being limited, this is the perfect experience to get away from the crowds and make your partner’s dreams come true! For more details on having a posh proposal on your own private yacht, click here!

Booking Proposal Photos

Booking us for your proposal photos is easy! We'll start with a conversation once the date is picked, and learn about your dream vision for this surprise engagement. Depending on your time frame, we can go into a portrait session after the proposal, or simply capture the most important moments. If you’re booking The Yacht Experience, we will continue to make beautiful and romantic photos of you and your new fiancé/fiancée along your ride. We’ll be sure to discuss just how involved you would like us to be. We can be nearby for short moments, and then give you some privacy. Sort of like a waiter at a fine restaurant. You'll have the opportunity to choose incredible artwork from these once-in-a-lifetime (adventurous) moments!

Behind the Scenes of a Proposal

If you're wondering what it takes to cause epic photos on a boat, here's a little behind-the-scenes video with some edited samples from actual proposals... not staged shoots!

Should I Hire a Photographer for My Proposal?

What have you asked your newly engaged friend EVERY SINGLE TIME? "How did they propose?" We always want the details and story of how someone got engaged. Where was the proposal? What is cold? Hot? Were you both soaked in the rain? Did they get on one knee? Were you surprised? The list goes on and on. Having this once-in-a-lifetime moment captured professionally allows you to be in the moment, and have epic photos that tell the whole story. Many people tell us they forget what happened, or didn't notice something peripherally when they got engaged. Most people are a little nervous and truly focused on 2 things - saying the right words, and not dropping the ring! The person being proposed to is so surprised, they're not seeing what else is going on around them, and let's face it, probably looking at the ring! We not only preserve the legacy of your engagement story but also take portraits after. Most people love their photos so much, that they consider this to be their engagement session. What a special day to remember your story together!

Benefits of Hiring a Photographer for a Proposal

Photographing a marriage proposal is a special way to capture and preserve the momentous occasion for you to cherish and share with your loved ones for years to come. Here are a few reasons why it's important to photograph a marriage proposal with studio-quality lighting, skill, and experience aboard Sailing Islander:

  1. Capturing the Moment: A marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and having it captured by an experienced photographer ensures that every detail is beautifully documented. It allows the couple to relive the moment and share it with others who couldn't be there to witness it firsthand as well as start a legacy for your future.
  2. Supportive service: Are you a little nervous? Don't worry, we are here to make this an incredible experience! We have photographed so many boat proposals on the Hudson River and know the best timing, locations, and storylines to throw your soon-to-be fiance off track! We work with you to keep the story together and as we play the part of a crew member, we stay as inconspicuous as possible! Even if you forget what you're doing, we will move the process along and give you the right cues to execute the most epic proposal!
  3. Professional Lighting: High-quality lighting is essential to capturing the perfect shot. Electric Love Studios knows how to use lighting to create stunning images that are bright, clear, and vibrant. With the right lighting, every emotion, detail, and expression is captured flawlessly while on a moving boat.
  4. Skilled Photography: Skillful photography is crucial in capturing the perfect proposal moment. We are trained to anticipate and capture those spontaneous, candid moments that happen during a proposal. We know how to capture the right angles and emotions, creating stunning and memorable photos that you will treasure forever. Sure there are many photographers out there, but are they capable of making studio-like portraits by themselves on a boat without getting sick? We have asked many friends in the industry if they would like to work with us on the boat but only a few can actually handle it!
  5. Unique Propposal Location: A proposal on a boat sailing the Hudson River is a unique and special experience that screams luxury! The picturesque scenery aboard Sailing Islander NYC provides a stunning NYC backdrop for photographs, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere. We can capture your joy and excitement against the beautiful NYC skyline and water, creating unforgettable images of your surprise proposal.

Your session fee includes:

  •  A discovery consultation to learn about your big plans!
  • A well-orchestrated team and plan to set up the moment.
  • Your on-location (or on water) shoot up to 2 hours.
  • A spending credit towards your photographs or artwork.
  • A 1-hour cinematic reveal, design, and ordering consultation at our studio. We will carefully curate collections in either wall art, prints, or an album for you to display in your home. We customize your artwork to match your decor and style!
  • Installation of wall art collections within 1 hr of studio location.




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