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*Limited availability: We only take on 10 full weddings (8+ hours) a year, see if your date is available before we fill up !*

Photographers Adrienne and Melissa


We are proud to be recognized by the NGLCC as a Certified LGTB Business Enterprise! You can learn more about what that means here. We are also women owned and operated. operated boutique photography and videography studio. Providing incredible imagery for all of our clients goes without question. Taking that a step further, creating a safe space for our same sex and LGBTQ+ couples is so important to us because it's something we want as well. Every LGBTQ+ wedding we have the honor of capturing we find our hearts so incredibly full inside because it's so beautiful to see couples we can relate to celebrating their love, and their love being celebrated.

When you book us, you get us. Meaning, you won't be getting our team without us two taking the lead. Everyone and every love deserves to be celebrated and photographed. Our couples find that the experience with us as their wedding photographer and videographer feels like being with friends all day.

Inclusive Practices

Come as you are and you will experience feeling loved, honored, and celebrated when working with us! We are inclusive of all colors, races, sexual preferences, genders, pronouns, and faiths.

Badass Wedding Photos & Videos

We know you need a few traditional portraits and we've got that covered, but you're coming to us for more than just traditional portraits. You are coming to us for badass wedding photos and videos! Melissa and Adrienne take turns being "extra", although, Melissa will say that's Adrienne, all the time. Regardless, we're here to capture you in the most extra way possible! Also, we want you to know you can come as you are. Bring the drama (the good kind, but hey, we can handle any kind), bring the fun, the loud, the calm and intimate, the sassy, the dancing, the silly, the blue steel, be over the top, GQ, or quietly enjoy the moments together. We're here for all of it and will document your love authentically. We specialize in dramatic lighting. Truth be told, it's really fun for us to create. It's our driving force. With that said, we work with all kinds of light. Sometimes a photo needs to be bright and airy. Other times, dark and moody. We promise amazing photographs and films no matter what the environment is like (rain, shine, yellow church walls reflecting on your face). The great part is we're determine that organically depending on you, the vibe of you wedding, the scene around us, what best enhances the photograph, and our conversations prior to your engagement session and wedding day. This allows us to create a variety of artistic wedding photographs for your collection.

Couple Wedding Photo

Creating Custom Artwork

Our end goal is to make custom artwork celebrating your love that you're proud of! We'll make photographs that you'll want to blow up so big, the neighbors can see it from their porch; and honey, we ain't lying about that! Our custom wall art, albums, and portrait boxes are all handmade in Italy. We like nice things and our couples do, too. We understand some people are used to consumer level printers online, however, given that our clients deserve the best, we only offer the best. Will your artwork fade? Nope. What if the sun is hitting it? Nope. Is it like anything you've ever seen before? Nope. Can you get the same thing at Costco or Shutterfly? NOPE! Will your friends wish they had artwork like yours and have tons of complements about your wall art? YUP! Your artwork investment is meant to last forever; It'll actually outlive you!

We'll design it together to perfectly fit your style of decor, location, texture, and colors. It all starts with a reveal party at the studio which will segue right into your design consultation and ordering session. We'll have drinks, snacks, laughs, typically some emotional tears, and most of all, fun! You'll leave with one last thing on your to-do list knowing you have incredible custom engagement, boudoir, wedding, or even family artwork heading your way within 1 month!

Let's Recap!

• Come as you are. You deserve to be celebrated and your love deserves to be celebrated. Your love is like no other, but you should also feel as if your love is no different.

• When you hire us, you get us. As in, we don't send our team out without the two of us. We are on every wedding.

• You are coming to us for badass wedding photos and videos! We know you need a few traditional portraits and we've got that covered, but you're coming to us for more than just traditional portraits.

LGBTQ-owned & operated.

• We are inclusive to all races, ages, sexual orientation, and sexual preferences.

• Our end goal is to make custom artwork celebrating your love that you're proud of.

• Artwork: Wall Art, albums, matted prints, and more!

• If you're worried about posing and how you'll show up on camera, you're in great hands with us.

There was no stopping these two beautiful humans in 2020! Like many their wedding was postponed to 2021. The emotional build up, the excitement, the waiting... they had to do something, so they honored their original wedding date a mini micro-wedding celebration! We started off with a portrait session in our studio and then headed to a family members backyard to meet their families for their ceremony and party. They powered up the Zoom, rolled out the runner, popped the champagne, and turned up the music. We cannot wait for their full wedding in 2021!

Ready to chat?

Are you ready to chat about your wedding details? We'd love to have a wedding interview with you to see if we're a great fit! After all, we will be spending the day together, you should definitely make sure we aren't creepy. Great news though, we aren't! Every wedding is unique, so we will customize a package specifically for your needs! We also offer add-on services like a no touch photo booth operated by gestures, and second photographers and videographers for those larger weddings. You can check out our ultra sleek and modern photo booth, here!

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