60 seconds of love

Wedding Teasers are 60 seconds of fun included in all wedding day packages. We put together a creative micro film that recaps your wedding day and is delivered before longer films to ease the anticipation.

WEDDING highlight

short cinematic films

Wedding Highlights are just as they sound. We choose the most significant wedding day moments, the moments you mentioned looking forward to the most, the juiciest parts of toasts and vows, and bits of everything in between. These moments are creatively put together and we deliver a film that feels like you and feels like your day.

WEDDING formals

wedding film heirlooms

Formalities are common events that take place during your wedding day filmed from start to finish; first look, ceremony, entrances, first dance, parent dances, toasts, and cake. Unlike your highlight that has bits and pieces of your ceremony, vows, toasts, dances, cake, and so on, with these films you get it all!

Montage Video 10


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