New Jersey Elopement Photographer

As a New Jersey elopement photography and videography studio, we excel in making even the smallest weddings fill the pages of your album! You must be in the planning stages and wondering what photographer is available to capture your intimate wedding. We are! Or, you may be early on and saying, "Should we just elope?" Many people are choosing to have smaller weddings, aka, “micro weddings” or elopements. Especially now that large events can’t be held in New Jersey, we are providing personalized wedding services starting at 2 hours sessions and up. Our services are a la carte, meaning you can select exactly what you would love as a result of our services. We are inspired by each mini-wedding that we photograph and make wedding portraits that matter. Some of the most beautiful and intimate weddings are happening right in people’s backyards. If you’re thinking about having a smaller wedding or looking for an elopement photographer and cinematographer, we would be happy to set up a meeting to see if we’re a good fit!

Elopement Packages

Our elopement packages couldn't be any easier to book! We start with a 2 hour minimum of photographer with the option to add on other services like extra time and videography. We include $300 to spend towards an album or custom wall art to be chosen, designed, and paid for after the wedding. How could you possibly know what you want to print, how big, or how many pages you would want in your album without having seen the photos? You wouldn't unless you're psychic! That's why we have implemented a personalized cinematic reveal to walk you through the process of designing and choosing what you would love to display in your home. We strongly believe that printing your photographs is one of the most important things you can do after an elopement. Considering that you've scaled down wedding plans to entertain the most important people to watch you make it official, we gather that these are memories you'll want to look at for the rest of your lives. A custom wedding album is one of the most efficient ways to commemorate your love story. Another common purchase by our clients is the incredible handmade wall art that we have shipped in from Italy. Everyone stops in their tracks when they see it! Trust me, you can't order this anywhere else and we are proud to supply our clients with the very same artwork we hang in our own home. For a glimpse at some of the custom artwork we provide, click here!

Should I Hire a Videographer for my Elopement?

Yes, you absolutely should hire a videographer for your elopement! Most people regret not adding video to their wedding services. It's not always something so important at the time, but more so, years down the line when the most important people in our lives change, it's in invaluable investment to see them again. Especially being that the wedding is smaller, a video is the perfect way to share your special day with the people who we not able to see it in person. One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get regarding video at an elopement or wedding is that someone has passed on and our client was so thankful to have them captured full of life. A sad sentiment, we know, but a true one. Now for the fun part, family members, friends, and children get such a kick out of watching you in a way that you're visible in every day life. It's a documentary one of the most important days ever, and an investment you won't regret.


A la carte services based upon your needs

Our elopement, micro wedding, and wedding services are a la carte, as we customize based upon your personal needs. We are flexible with scheduling to make your day go smoothly. Elopement and micro wedding bookings start with 2 hour packages and go up to 6 hours before reaching a full day reservation.

If you’re not sure how much time you may need, we will listen to your plans and create a schedule that includes everything to tell your story!


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