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NGLCC Certified LGBTBE in NJ

We are extremely proud to be recognized by the NGLCC as a Certified LGTB Business Enterprise!  We believe in inclusive practices, so naturally, we were excited at the idea work working with corporate partners that want to spend allocated money specifically with LGBTQ+ and other diversity-led businesses!

What does it mean to be an LGBTBE Certified Photographer?

To be certified by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) as an LGBT Business Enterprise means that we have been confirmed and verified to be a legitimate, operating business, at least 51% owned and operated by an LGBT person. In our case, 100%! After supplying the appropriate documents and interview process, the NGLCC makes sure that all criteria is met and aligned with their standards. For us, it means having credentials and validity to show other people and businesses that we take our operations and community serving seriously. It took us a few months to complete the process and we had so much support from our friends over at the New Jersey Pride Chamber of Commerce (NJPCC). By being members, our application fee was waived... woohoo!

What Opportunities are Available being LGBTBE Certified?

Now that we have received our LGBT Business Enterprise Certification, we are differentiated from our competition. We have the opportunity to work and build relationships with companies that have allocated specific funds specifically for diversity-led businesses like ours. These companies have thoughtfully chosen to spend their money with the LGBTQ+ business community! How amazing is that? We are in front of hundreds of NGLCC Corporate Partners, including fortune 500 companies like  Apple, Meredith, Barclays, Lowes, Merck, Nike, and Verizon, just to name a few. We also have access to state and federal agency contracts nationwide.

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