I’m Engaged, Now What?

Congratulations on your engagement! What’s next?

You may already have your Pinterest inspo-board full of ideas, in fact, you may have even started it years ago, or you may just be starting one now. Either way, where do you start? What are the first actions you should consider taking?

1. Enjoy the moment

Heck, revel in it! Take a few hours, days, weeks…. Take as much time as you want to just enjoy this moment in your life, and take it in.

When my wife proposed to me, I felt like I was floating around for a day. I naturally take days to digest moments in life such as this. That’s just how I am. You might take a second, a minute, an hour, or even a day.

2. Explore ideas and inspiration

We feel this should be something you do before you share the news simply because friends and family tend to be so excited that they just can’t seem to help but share their own ideas. It’s good to get a vision of your own before you open up the floodgates of the outside world.

3. Share the news however you see fit

There is no wrong way to share the happy news! Look, it’s modern-day, we aren’t about to tell you how you should share your news. We have had couples who immediately shared their news to social media, we have had couples who started by telling their family members and closest friends first, and we have had couples who waited weeks before sharing the news just so they could enjoy that special time to themselves.

4. If you don’t have a specific date in mind, think about the season you want to get married in

Some couples have dates that mean something to them, and sometimes there are dates that are simply aesthetically pleasing. Most couples don’t have a specific date in mind immediately other than their dating anniversary or engagement anniversary.

Personally, our dating anniversary was so close to Thanksgiving that one year it was actually the same day. I found that I had a hard time actually enjoying it because of the stress of the holidays. For that reason, I knew I wanted a Spring or Summer wedding.

Picking a season rather than a specific date is really the best place to start. Especially, since booking specific dates with venues is often be hard to do. It depends on the season, date, day of the week, and popularity of the venue. Sometimes your options for specific dates can be years down the road, so we recommend keeping your mind open to alternatives.

Picking a season can also help guide you in choosing the style or theme of your wedding and the style of the venue. You may not want to have a winter wedding at a beachfront venue where your bridal party looks like frozen statues during the beach portrait session you’ve always dreamed of, or you may not want to have an industrial-style wedding in a barn. These decisions are just the small steps that get you to your wedding day.

5. Discuss a budget

You want to do this before you start your guest list, inviting co-workers and acquaintances, visit venues, etc. Your budget will be the foundation of all of your wedding planning. Most full traditional style weddings range from $30,000 and up. You have to consider your venue, food, and beverage menu, guest count, venue extra’s, vendors such as your photographer, videographer, DJ, Band, Officiant, Florist, etc. Planning a budget range, or even a budget sweet spot, is a great way to continue the next steps with more ease. Figure out if you are both paying for it yourselves, if the family is paying, or if you are all chipping in together. Just a friendly reminder, when family pays, sometimes you are at the mercy of compromise.

6. Determine your guest list size

You don’t have to know who you’re inviting right now, although, you do want to have a good idea of how many people make up your A-listers so you know where to start. Your budget will also come into play here, so once you know your most important invites, you can start adding everyone else to your list.

7. Research and explore venues

There are tons of venues out there. You have an idea of your budget, style, and the size of your wedding. Now it’s time for your venue research. What are you looking for in a venue besides the look? Would you want onsite catering? Do you want to be able to have an after-party? Are there certain things you don’t want to give up? Some venues won’t allow real candles, confetti, pets, after parties, early entrance, etc. Some venues have a reputation for being wedding factories, and some respectfully book a certain number of weddings while planning out the time differences responsibly.

After you research the venues you’re interested in, it’s time for the fun part of exploring them! Explore, taste test, ask questions, see if you know any who used those venues, and ask them about their experience. We recommend checking out 3-5 venues at a minimum before deciding. Throw in a random one even just for the heck of it.

8. Have an engagement party

Celebrate! Let everyone know and celebrate the new chapter in your lives together! This is also a great time to bring everyone together and allow them to space to connect. Use this time to celebrate, but to also introduce everyone to each other, especially family, close friends, and bridal party members that you had in mind. These connections being established before you wedding day or other wedding events will create a higher frequency vibe of excitement. We find that friends and family are more likely to pull together to plan and create, leaving you with less work doing this all in the long run,

9. Think about your bridal party

If you haven’t chosen your bridal party yet, pause before you do. It’s good to take your time with this. It’s easier to add members to your bridal party than it is to remove them from it.

10. Take a break!

Don’t overwhelm yourself! Breaks are important when it comes to keeping wedding planning fun, rather than it becoming a chore.

11. Start interviewing vendors

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