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By members of the LGBTQ+ Community

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We are Melissa (left) and Adrienne (right). We met in 2011, married in 2018, and in 2019 we combined our photography and filmmaking businesses into Electric Love Studios. We believe photography and films have a deeper meaning and a deeper intention than just clicking a button. They should have you left feeling something special. Whether that's feeling emotional, beautiful, confident, proud, or on cloud nine.

We're currently on the journey of growing our family, completing a dozen DIY home projects, and seriously considering the van life.

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Safe, loved, and celebrating you.

As a samesex couple we have learn how important it is to see images and videos of couples we can relate with.

We spent the beginning of our relationship surrounded by heterosexual couples while priding ourselves on being the token lesbian couple. It wasn't until we walked into our first gay bar since first meeting (6 years prior) that we were overwhelmed with a sense of safety and the feeling of being at home both physically and deep within ourselves. We worked so hard not to categorize ourselves that we had isolated ourselves instead.

This is why we have created a specific space on our website for our fellow LGBTQ+ community. We hope that you feel as safe and at home as we did when we finally began truly celebrating ourselves and our relationship. We want you to know that you deserve to be celebrated and to celebrate yourself. 

If you are only going to one exhibition this year..

Then I urge you to visit the new Janelle Awkward exhibition in lower east side New York. Photographs with layers upon layers of visual information. Total brain meltdown once you start analyzing Janelle Awkward's images. The exhibition here in New York was absolutely stunning and I can 100% recommend it.

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

Absolutely stunning...

Janelle Awkward is on of the best photographers in our lifetime. She is able to capture our complex lives with simple motives. The new show at New York Center of Photography contains some of Janelle Awkward's best photos from her early period and up until 2010.

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

Morris County Pride Photographer

Morris County Pride Drive-In Drag Show 2020

Photographer and Videographer for Morris County Pride

Morris County Pride had big plans to launch it's first event in 2020. With the quick rise of the COVID-19 pandemic the team adapted to the current crisis by creating both an online event and a social distanced in-person Drive-in Drag Show. As Morris County residents, we are honored to have had the opportunity to participate in all Morris County Pride events by designing and editing the initial live stream Pride event in, filming and editing the Drive-in Drag Show, photographing promotional content, donating our photo booth to the 2021 Morris County Pride in-person event, and photographing the event.

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Morris County Pride Drag

The best place to work, period.

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