How to Get on a Billboard in Times Square

How to Advertise on a Times Square Billboard

Our friends over at Bada Bean Cawfee, had a little sit down with us to create a branding package of photography and videography good enough to put on a billboard in Times Square, NYC. We knew this was a perfect fit for many reasons. 1. we love cawfee! 2. We are experts at dramatic lighting with that mob boss vibe! 3. The owners, Andrew and Peter are a blast to be with!  They made us an offer we couldn't refuse to capture their branding assets! Next thing ya know, we were inside Jimenez Tobacco, in Newark, NJ, filming and photographing the cast of Behind the Beans with Bada Bean's products and swag. Not only do we provide branding and social media content, but awesome headshots, too!

How to Get Your Business Featured in Times Square

As we know it to be true from the boss, somebody owed somebody a little favor, if ya know what I mean! Long story short, Bada Bean Cawfee had a feature spotlight in the busiest spot of Manhattan! Melissa sized the photos and video for optimal viewing on the 4 separate billboard panels just outside the 42nd Street Subway Station at New Victory Theater! Andrew and Peter froze their "culos" off in the middle of February while celebrating the launch of their advertisement in Times Square. We took in all in from the comfort of our couch while watching along with their Facebook live broadcasts! Here are some photographs (provided and captured by Bada Bean Cawfee) of these two paisans beaming over their billboard debut! We couldn't be prouder of them! If you're a serious cawfee drinker, and ya know what's good for you, you'll place an order on their retail site linked above!

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(Photos in Times Square provided by Bada Bean Cawfee)

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Having professional branding content and a strong online representation is only going to become more detrimental as technology advances. Currently, your brand has mere seconds to tell a story and let the viewer know that your product or services are worthy of them opening their wallet. Did you know that studies show people can recall 65% of visual content they see on your website vs. 10% of what they have read... and that's up to 3 days later! 81% of people only skim what they're viewing. Having powerful, eye-catching photography and videos will grab their attention and keep them browsing your content. If you're looking to elevate your brand presence with effective, professional photo and video assets, hurry up and click here to get the ball rolling!

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