7 places you headshot will work its hardest for you

7 Places Your Headshot Will Work Its Hardest For You

There are plenty of places to strategically place your headshot so that it works for you. Whether that’s developing trust, nurturing leads, or showing people who you are, it’s working for you. Now it’s time to talk about where to put your headshot so that it will work the hardest for you. 

1. On your website

If you are on the board of or own a company that provides a product or service and your customers are more of a number than a name, then a headshot on your website probably isn’t for you. Instead you may have cohesive headshots of your business leaders or team members, maybe even for customer service chats. 

If you are highly involved in your or business, you interact with clients, or are a key component when it comes to your brand, then chances are you are really going to want to work that headshot into an about page or introduction. The work of your headshot starts by developing an emotional connection and trust to potential leads and clients. Having a headshot in your about section will allow people to put a face to your business unlike a clinical style. If what you do is personal, it’s something people want to make sure they invest with the right professional versus buying a product they can return if they don’t like it or it doesn’t fit. So you have to do some nurturing and what better way to start than by introducing yourself where most people look first.

2. Making the best of LinkedIn

You may already have uploaded that professional headshot to your LinkedIn profile picture, but what have you done in with your banner? LinkedIn is a powerful tool and adding your headshot is one small step to more interaction with yourself and/or your business. By taking it one step further and incorporating a different headshot into your banner along with your tagline or a call to action, is the perfect way to increase you leads and professional interactions.

3. Speaker Panels & Presentations

Use your photos for speaker panels and presentations to show people who you are in a way you can’t exactly show on stage, through a live stream, or on a video conference call. Your headshots won’t all be the tight crop head and shoulders shot, you’ll have a variety that are authentic to you. You’ll choose the photo that best fits the occasion and what it is you want to convey. What to convey your casual fun side? Show a photo of you out of that suit!

4. Press & Promotion

We’re talking Media and Press Kits! A media kit is what you’ll send to show your credibility, experience, social statistics, and bio. A Press Kit is for features in newspaper articles, interviews, news or show appearances, and other promotional events.

5. Youtube Channel, Podcast, Blog

It’s important for viewers, listeners, and readers to know who they’re talking to. Who are the receiving advice from? Is it some guy in their basement that doesn’t actually follow what he advices others to do, or are you a professional who walks the talk? Whether you’re using your headshot as a profile photo or a cover for a video and podcasts, it will aid in creating trust with your audience. It’s exactly what you need when you typically have less than five seconds to hook them.

6. Book Cover jacket

Even if you’re not on the cover of your book, you’ll probably have an author section where you’ll display your professional headshot photo along with your bio. When it comes to building trust, it works the same was videos, podcasts, and blogs.

7. Email Photo and Signature

Remind people who they’re talking to! You’re not a robot or part of a massive customer service system. You interact with you employer, other employees, and your clients. It’s easy to forget who people are. Sometimes when a majority of our interaction is taken over by email and phone, it’s even easy to make up who the person is behind the screen. Avoid the pitfalls of the human brain and show them exactly who you are.

And there you have it! The seven places your headshot will work hardest for you. You probably have noticed a common thread; building trust. Want to know where else you can use your headshots? Check out our master list Where Can I Use My Headshots? Not sure why you would need a headshot? Then 5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Headshots is an excellent place to start!

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