Why It’s Important to Have Headshots Taken Yearly

People often underestimate the power and importance of updated, professional headshots and business photos. Here are four reasons why you should consider updating your headshots.

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1) Your look changes more than you think

It’s not until we look back at old photos that we typically realize how much we’ve changed. Our clothing, hairstyle, hair color, summer tan, weight loss, weight gain, procedures like botox, and our overall long term moods can affect how we look. If we have a stressful couple of months, we’ll look a whole lot lighter and happier during months we experience limited stress and have time to rejuvenate. It’s important to show who you are in the now.

2) People want to trust you

Have you ever seen a person’s photos and then met them in person just to find yourself extremely confused or disappointed? When someone looks at a photo of you, what do they see? Do they see someone they can trust with solving their problem? Do they see a CEO, a local small business owner, a parent, or a coach? Although life may seem to be the same, we’re changing at the same time. Typically, the first place we see changes is in the face. It’s important to show who we are and what we represent now. You may not think these sorts of things show up in a photo of yourself but they do, you’ll see!

3) How do you want people to know you

What do you want people to know about you? Think past your resume full of skills, experience, and accomplishments and you’ll find that they really want to know about who you are. By looking at your photo and seeing into your eyes, potential clients can get a sense of who you are without the need for any props. Let’s show them your authentic self! You’re not a pencil pushing, number crunching, work-is-life, accountant. You have a family of four, you understand what it’s like to want a future with financial security. You’re not a salesman that can be placed in a group with all salesmens, and you’re not a stuffy CEO. You have activities outside of work that you love and you’re relatable. Show potential clients who you really are, rather than allowing them to revert to stereotypes and past experiences. You are the same as the person they wasted a pretty penny on last year. You get it, you care, and they’re in good hands.

4) Show up

In order to rise above the competition in this virtual age, you need to show up. Put a face to your name and put it everywhere! Don’t let people forget or miss that you’re a real person. Emails, texts, phone calls, social media interactions, profile photos, chat bots, website, LinkedIn profile, you name it. It’s important to show up in all these places where people will see you. Show them!

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